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Published on Feb 08th, 2022 10:45 am


An offerwall is a REWARDED ADVERTISING unit that presents Android and iOS app users with the opportunity to earn rewards through ad engagements. An offerwall acts as a marketplace for users and advertisers. Users choose which ad engagements they’d like to complete and receive rewards, most commonly, virtual currency such as coins, credits, diamonds, etc. 

Offerwalls are 100% opt-in for users, and there are hundreds of ad engagements, or “offers,” to choose from at any given time. Offer types vary — some examples include watching videos, taking surveys, testing other games, or even shopping! 

App publishers have control over how and where they implement an offerwall in their app. Typically, offerwalls are promoted alongside in-app purchases (IAP). Users seek more currency to continue playing, and an offerwall provides a free way to earn valuable rewards. 

Offerwalls are an excellent MONETIZATION METHOD for any app with a virtual economy. Roughly 15% of the top 100 grossing apps, and 25% of the top mobile game apps, use offerwalls to monetize users.


Once you integrate an offerwall into your mobile game or app, you’ll be able to add UI elements that help users find offers when they want them, such as “Earn Free Currency” buttons. These elements may be placed anywhere, but they are most effective in the store, main menu, or “Game Over” screens.

Upon launching your offerwall, users see a list of objectives which they may choose to complete in exchange for in-app currency or bonuses. This list refreshes daily so that well-retained players receive new offers. An offerwall may include options to:

Please note that the types of offers differ between iOS and Android. Please review both platforms to see the unique experience each one presents. The Tapjoy Offerwall gives publishers complete control over the ads and offers that users receive. You’ll be free to optimize the offer selection for your audience and, by extension, maximize ad revenue. The amount of virtual currency paid to users for completing offers varies depending on the exchange rate set by the publisher, and on advertiser bids.

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